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How to get here

How to reach La Gomera

To come to the island of La Gomera by boat or plane. The airport of La Gomera is very small and only receives two daily flights from the airport of Tenerife North. (certain times of the year there are also direct flights from Gran Canaria to La Gomera)

Attached is the website of the company that flies to the island, Binter Canarias.


Due to the few connections offered by the airport of the island, the most common way to get to La Gomera is to travel to the airport of Tenerife Sur or Tenerife Norte, and then take the boat at the Muelle de Los Cristianos. For this there are two shipping companies, with several daily connections.

From the airport to the ferry.

To get from the Tenerife South airport to the pier of Los Cristianos you can go comfortably in a cab. The approximate cost is 25 euros.

Alternatively, you can take the bus (LINE 711). The bus will take you to the station of Los Cristianos, and from there you will have to walk about 20 minutes to the port of Los Cristianos. If you come with luggage, we recommend that you take a cab.

For arrivals through the South Airport, there is a transport company that offers a transfer service, which takes you from the airport to your accommodation, if you need it. We leave you their link in case you want to consult it.


If you arrive through the North Airport, the trip is a little longer. At the airport itself, you must take a cab or bus to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Bus Station (a short trip, about 15 minutes). Once at the station, the shipping companies themselves, which travel to La Gomera, offer bus transportation to the dock (a journey of approximately 1 hour). There you can buy a ticket for the boat, which includes the transfer to the pier of Los Cristianos.

From Tenerife to La Gomera by boat.

As we mentioned, there are two ferry lines to La Gomera. You can consult their characteristics and timetables on their web pages.

Naviera Armas. www.navieraarmas.com

And Fred Olsen. www.fredolsen.es

Last step: from San Sebastian de La Gomera Valle Gran Rey.

The two boat companies arrive at the San Sebastian de La Gomera dock. For the final trip to Valle Gran Rey, we have several options.

We can go by boat, only with the Fred Olsen company. This route takes about 70 minutes.

Or we can also go by road. For this, we have three options:

  • Taxi. This is the most comfortable option. The route takes about 60 minutes, and the cost is about 60 euros per trip.
  • Bus. This is the least expensive option. The buses leave from the dock, and the route takes about 90 minutes. You can find information about timetables and prices on the company’s website:
  • Car hire. Another option is to hire a car and go at your own pace. There are many car hire companies on the island.


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