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At Apartamentos Sansofé we are committed to the conservation and protection of our environment. For this reason, in 2018 we joined the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism network of companies, an award given by Garajonay National Park and the Europarc Network to companies that commit to working for the sustainability of the island of La Gomera.

In this way, we work in various areas to contribute our grain of sand to the conservation of the natural, cultural and social environment of Valle Gran Rey, and of the island of La Gomera.

Some of the actions we carry out include:

  • Use refillable soap containers to reduce plastic waste.
  • Use local products, and buy from local companies to promote the circular economy.
  • Use organic detergents.

Garajonay National Park.

One of the greatest treasures we have on our island is Garajonay National Park. Time will stop for you when you enter the misty forest, with trees of different shades of green.

The park has an extensive network of equipment and services, including a Visitor’s Center, an Information Center, a wide network of viewpoints, recreational areas, as well as a network of perfectly marked trails, which allow you to better understand and enjoy this authentic natural jewel.

The trees are the great protagonists of the forest that occupies the park. Trees that are the support of the Laurisilva, a forest formed by about 20 tree species, some very abundant and others tremendously scarce.

You can find all the information you need at the following link:



Manifesto of the CETS companies in La Gomera.

Apartamentos Sansofé is a CETS company because we identify with its values, and we want to do our part.
“With one voice, the group of companies of La Gomera adhered to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism want to express our commitment to the sustainability of our island, to offer it to the visitor without adulterations that could theatricalize it, without makeup that confuses it, free of any added value other than its own nature. To present it as it is, as it has been, as we would like it to continue to be in the future, to deliver it with the same purity as the one we have inherited”.



We also recommend you visit the website that helps visitors discover the authentic La Gomera, supported with the accommodations, restaurants and activities that Garajonay National Park recommends, and in which you can find our company, Apartments Sansofé.



Ecotourism in Spain Club

Our company is committed to the conservation of natural areas and we support the local populations, so we are part of the Ecotourism Club in Spain (an entity that seeks to promote sustainable tourism in protected natural areas in Spain).



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